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Hands (Adobe Print)"In the beginning, God ......"
White Dove Image... the SPIRIT of  GOD
                           moved.......  on the face of the deep .. ..
And today, just  as "In the begining..,"
God STILL creates!

The same Spirit who moved on the face of the deep then,
moves today on the hearts and minds of people
to produce faith in Jesus Christ,
to believe in Him as their Saviour,
to receive His forgiveness from sin
and give them the free gift of everlasting life with Him.

We believe one of the most important ways the Spirit moves throughout the world today,
is through believers sharing, teaching, giving, loving, showing, the love of God
in every means possible and available.

This site is posted  for the Glory of  GOD!
We have a very active Outreach ministry.
And we're anxious to share Jesus with you!

The ESSENCE of Christianity is to SHOW the love of God,
commitment to HIM in a personal relationship;

comitment to HIS cause;
commitment to HIS principles;
reaching beyond ourselves to help others!

He said, "Let there be light."

"GIDEON SUNDAYat Country Chapel.

 Each Sunday night offering at Country Chapel is designated for the Gideon Ministry. We have an annual service on the first Sunday in March, when local Gideon's and their families join us for a potluck dinner and share in the excitement of giving an offering to help the Gideon's distribute the Word of God aroundthe world.
Gideon's International annual Pastor's Appreciation Banquet for all local Pastor's within the territory of each camp is alway inspiring and meaningful to local Pastors. 
We STRONGLY encourage you to get YOUR church excited about supporting the Gideon work. It is an inter-denominational work reaching people by working with local Pastors and churches in places where churches may not be able to go on their own.

Country Chapel hosts the Gideons from surrounding camps, on the first Sunday of March. We hear first hand reports from those who have helped distribute scripture around the world.
 There is usually a great testimony of someone who was saved as a result of the work of the Gideons.  And we are always excited about presenting them with a check to help distribute
Bibles around the world.

 Every Sunday night offering, from throughout the year is given to the Gideons. This is not just about raising money. This is about making the Word of God available to people all over  the world, in all circumstances. It's about supporting a ministry committed to distributing the Bible, to the whole world. It's about giving as many people as possible, the privilege of knowing the TRUTH that 
   " God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. 
      That whosoever believes in Him will not perish. But will have 
      everlasting life."     John 3:16
INDIA Map of India Grahpic
 The Gospel of Jesus Christ, is faithfully preached and taught in India, by many dedicated pastors and lay leaders; in  churches, homes and through various ministries.
Country Chapel sends funds to India, collected from our Sunday School and Outreach ministries. Pastors  there use the funds to assist families in emergency  expenses, clothing, schooling, medicine, etc... 
Several special offerings have been sent such as: $200.00 to help buy a musical keyboard.
One year our Vacation Bible School raised $840 for the  India mission.  But our church decided to add the amount of our expenses for VBS, so we sent them $2500.
In 1999 the Pastor personally delivered a very special offering of $145 collected by the 4 and 5 year olds in our Beginners Sunday School class, for the children in the church in India. This was called the "Lad's Lunch."  Because in the spiritual realm of God's principles, even the smallest gifts when given in love, are multiplied miraculously.
That same year, God enabled us to give the church in India, $5000.00 for their ministry.
In 2001, we gave the Pastor in India, a  check for over $1500 for him to use as the Lord directs.
In 2005, we sent a check for $3,000 to sponsor new pastors, as the work is expanding and new churches are started.

Our support of the work in India will continue until Jesus comes.

Praise God - He loads us with benefits daily!
It's EXCITING and REWARDING to see God at work!

Along with our support of the Gideons and the ministries in  India,
Country Chapel Outreach also includes the following:

We donate funds and gifts when possible to 
Arkansas Children's Hospital

We have supported individuals struggling with
Muscular Dystrophy

We provide $500 college scholarships, per semester
to qualifying members of Country Chapel.

We've sponsored three international college students,
from Romania and Russia,
helping with tuition, room & board and living expenses.

We supported a  Native American ministry in South Dakota.

We are currently donating to the Naschiti Indians of New Mexico.

We helped Redbluff Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena, Tx.
intstall a kitchen for a Day Care facility.

We support our MILITARY personnel through prayer and with
occasional packages and cards.

We continue to support "Jews For Jesus" ministry.

We also support "Paralyzed Veterans of America" with a donation each year.

And in response to disasters such hurricanes and earthquakes
we send love offerings and / or packages

And of course this web site has become a great tool for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
At least some part of this site, has been viewed in over 164 countries.


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