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In response to the following little joke, Judy sent this story about "CD" DISTRESS.

Here's the Joke:

The Executive:
One day, an executive was trying to figure out how to work the paper shredder.
An office assistant came by, and the executive said,
"Can you help me with this? My assistant has gone home for the day".
The young assistant felt real good that an exec. would ask for help.
"Sure!  I would be glad to."
The young assistant put the paper in the shredder and turned it on.
The exec. said "Excellent, excellent! Now,  I need two copies...

Now, Judy's story:
The "office assistant"  in that joke was having a day like I had yesterday!

I talked the principal into buying a new audio system for the music room at a small cost of approx. $500.00.   It is a wonderful system with a 3-disk changer. I had it for only 2 days, when about mid-morning, I put two CD's in the appropriate spot and pushed the button to close the CD drive.  Everything was going great until I opened the CD drawer, and tried to close it again.  This time, no matter how hard I pushed, the CD drawer would only close half-way.  The students (God love 'em) were not being helpful. And I was just about in tears.  How could I tell the principal I broke the new system.   So-o-o-o, I did what any panic stricken Christian would do.  I began to pray. But to no avail. 
Fortunately, it was time to take the students back to their homeroom, and it was lunch time for me.  Instead I prayed and worked frantically on the system.  I even went so far as to read the instructions.   Finally, I gave up and went to lunch.  I was sitting at my desk eating my yummy "Healthy Choice" microwave lunch and I prayed once more. . . "Lord, if you won't fix it for me, please give me the knowledge to know what to do."  (I still get chills thinking about it!)  Suddenly, as if someone turned on a light in my head, an idea came to me.   I had put two disks in the drive, but when it opened, there was only one still in the drive. The other must have slipped behind the drive.  I ran over to the system and peering into the side of the metal cover through some small vents, I saw it ---  a bright orange disk!!!  Now, how to get it out?    Using a Phillips screwdriver to remove 4 screws in the front of the cover and seven on the side; and reaching up under the cover, I gave a gentle tug on the dislodged CD;  and out it came. 
I put the system back together, plugged it in and everything works great again.  I was so excited I knelt down right there in the music room, not caring who came through the door and gave God the glory!!!

I immediately went down the hall --  I wanted to tell someone, but very few seemed to share my joy.  They all said about the same thing ... "Isn't it still under warranty?"  I knew the system was still under warranty. But, it would have meant boxing it up to send it off, admitting to Administration that I broke it, and then limping along without it for who knows how long!!  Only God knew how important it was to me to fix it right then.  Isn't God good!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't a coincidence that I thought to look inside the vents for the missing CD. It was a direct answer to prayer. PRAISE GOD!  He cares about every aspect of our lives.

Judy Miller
Bay City, TX
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