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I work in an optical shop, and one day an elderly gentleman brought in his wife's glasses.  The frames were broken and beyond repair.  The lenses were very strong and I knew the owner could not even function without her glasses.  The old style of frame was discontinued. And we had nothing like it in our store.  Then I remembered what I had in my car. 

While I was in optical school some 10 years earlier, my instructor had given me a discontinued frame to use myself.  All these years I had not done anything with them and had them in a box in my closet.  Just the week before,  I cleaned out that closet and had taken that frame and some old glasses out to give to the Lions Club.  Even though I had been by the drop box several times, I had not dropped them off.  Sure enough they were the ones in my car.  I was able to put her lenses into the frame and did this in about 20 minutes. 

The old man insisted I call his wife and tell her what had happened.  When I told her, she said she had been praying all that time, because she had a Bible class to teach in about an hour, to some college students and needed those glasses. 

I believe God knew she would need that frame 10 years before, and was providing.  After all the Word says He answers our prayers even before we ask.

This true story happened in 1999.

Edie White
Midland, TX

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