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Brother Steve,

I have been thinking lately on all the things I am thankful for and I was reminded of  Spring '98.
I am not accustomed to being at home alone overnight, so I was a little hesitant to stay by myself, and almost went to Mother and Daddy's.  I decided that at 38 I was old enough to spend the nightalone.  So I went to bed early.

I woke up suddenly during the night, and the television was on, with a tornado warning in Little Rock.  I almost rolled over and went back to sleep, as it seemed the weather was fine here.  As I started to roll over I saw a tremendous lightening display.   I got up, and watched a little more of the  weather report and called my parents to tell them I was on the way.   Living only a half a mile away I would be there in minutes.

I slipped on my tennis shoes and headed down the stairs.  I grabbed my purse and briefcase and started digging for my car keys.  I couldn't find them.  I headed up the stairs thinking I had left them on the night stand.  They weren't there.  Then the lights went out.  It was so dark I could not see my hands in front of my face.  Then the winds and noise began.  Needless to say, I was fervently praying as I crawled down the stairs and into the kitchen.  It was over just as quickly as it started.  I remember the crashing sounds and thought a tree had crashed through the upstairs.  I found some matches and a candle and shakily climbed the stairs to find all was well.
I tried to phone my parents again but the telephone was out.  I was scared, shaking and still praying.  The rain was coming down pretty hard. When I looked out all I could see was what I thought was fog.

I prayed a little more and decided to chance it, -if I could only figure out where my keys were.
I looked in the normal places keys might be; the cabinet, the book case, the desk.  I finally decided to look in my purse again, -even if I had to dump the entire thing out and start from scratch!  I didn't have to.  I opened my purse and there were my keys right on top in plain sight.

Just about that time my brother showed up very worried.  They had heard the storm was a tornado over the scanner and he decided to come check on me.  He jumped out of his truck yelling my name and calling if I was all right.  I realized only when he rushed me out of the door why he was frantic and upset.  Everything from the carport was blown completely off and the big 900 pound produce stand had slammed into the drivers side of my truck.  Had I been able to find my keys the first time I looked I would have been right at the truck or on the road when the
tornado hit.

Some people will say it was a coincidence or some other reason.  But I know God kept me from getting out of the house too soon that stormy night.  God is so good.  He hid my keys in the midst of the storm.

Graphic - Lightning

Take care and God bless

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