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Jesus Rescued Me
Hi Brother Steve,

My name is Jesse, I am 23 years old. 
I started doing drugs and alcohol at the age of 15. Even so, I could somehow always hear the
Holy Spirit calling to me. But I always ignored His outstretched loving arms. Until I had suffered from depression for two years. I then asked our Father for help. I said, "Whatever you must do, no matter how unpleasant or painful it is for me, that I wanted to have victory."

A few weeks after, I spent a day drinking with some friends, we were driving around when I got into an accident. I told a friend to get rid of the car, and I reported it stolen.  But the police suspected foul play, knowing that I was drunk.

So after I had been investigated, I was charged with; fraud, public mischief, and obstructing the police. I had four previous charges against me, therefore I was going to jail for a long time. 
This was a horrifying thought to me. I had lost my car, and spent all my money making retribution to the insurance company, and now I was going to loose my job. I didn't want to live anymore. Yet, I could still feel the Lord calling to me, so I surrendered. 

For the next 7 months I spent my time studying God's word. And while I was learning, my depression seemed to diminish. I then stopped drinking and doing drugs, and also stopped hanging out with my old friends. When it was time for the trial I prayed that the Lord would somehow deliver me from prison. Although my lawyer and the prosecutor were telling me I was going to jail, I knew from reading His word that Jesus had the power to rescue me. 

And He did, I was sentenced to 9 months house arrest. No one could believe my luck. 
I was told that this judge hadn't given anyone house arrest in the last two years because of public opposition. Now I could keep my job and start all over. 

It has now been 8 months since I was charged, and I have been saving my money, instead of wasting it. And I'm also trying to quit smoking. I'm ready to start a new life with Jesus. 
Its sad that God had to allow chastisement in order for me to see the light.
But now I am more blessed than ever. 

Thank You Jesse for your testimonial.
The power of God is unlimited.
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