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This Little Boy
    "De-ef," I hear calling from a small body leaning over me. 
     "De-ef," he calls again a little louder and more impatient. Suddenly, he plops down beside, nearly on top, of me. The bluish-black sky is visible through the white curtains hanging over the 5 foot windows in our room. The sun is not even up yet, why is he? My husband has already left for work and so conveniently put this little boy in bed with me. Thanks a lot! Picking up from everyone else that my name is Steph, he tries so hard to say it himself. "De-ef." This time I answer him in a voice that is mixed with gentleness yet firmness that only mothers possess, "I am Mommy." Now that I have answered him, he snuggles close beside me keeping me warm with this small, diapered body. This little boy has the ability to make me laugh and make me cry; he is a very special person to me.  
2 1/2 (But thinks he's 21)
 This little boy is stout. He weighs 26 pounds. That's quite a bit of weight to carry, especially when he's asleep. The best feature I think he inherited from me would be his bright blue eyes. They are like sapphires sparkling in light. They bounce when he laughs, they frown when he cries and they droop when he is sleepy; they are peaceful and enchanting all the time.
    As much as I hate to admit it, he looks a lot like his Daddy. He is tall, like his "Da."  From his Granna he inherited red toned hair. Depending on the way light shines off of it, it can also look brownish-blonde. His dimpled hands are mischievous most of the time. But when hugs are passed out they are the sweetest part on him. His belly pooches out over his diaper, which makes him walk a little off balance. Hopefully, age will be the cure for this. His chubby little legs crease in many places, mainly around his knees. They are the wheels for his little brain taking him to new and sometime dangerous places. His feet are cute, except when he rubs them against my legs, which he enjoys doing. His toenails are like scissors; they cut into flesh. Extensive grooming hasn't shown effective yet. I am still amazed every day when I look at him and see how much he is growing. And I try to remember when he was just "this little boy."
     There is no greater time for me than when I watch him be a little boy. When I see him go sit in the biggest, wettest, nastiest mud he can find I ask, "God, are You sure I can handle this little boy?"  When I watch him drink water out of the bathtub faucet I ask, "God, are You sure I can keep this little boy safe forever?"  When I see him dancing awkwardly in the living room I ask "God, what would I do without this little boy?"  When I pass his room and see him all alone talking to his toys in the sweet voice I love to hear, I ask, "God, are You sure I can raise this little boy to be a man?"  At night, after he has been bathed and put to bed, when I go into his room and watch his little chest move up and down with every deep breath, I thank God for letting me get through another day of being the mother to this little boy.
Written by:  Stephanie Lou Stephens
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