1. Children, youth and the family are our most valuable gifts and resources. We must pray for them, and teach them to pray. They are also vulnerable to evil. Therefore, we maintain a "prayer circle" to keep them before God.
  Each families picture is placed on our "prayer board" which hangs in the church foyer. Each week people choose a picture to take home and post in a prominent place as a daily reminder to pray for that family. The following week the picture is exchanged for another.
   One of the many benefits of the prayer circle occurs when a child,  is told, "I'm praying for you." It is a great encouragement to that child, and his or her family, to know someone is praying for them.
  Another benefit is it helps people know each other. We list birthdates and encourage people to send cards, call them on the phone, help with homework, etc. It's a very effective ministry.

God still answers prayer!

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  2. Our prayer ministry includes a printed  list each week of prayer requests and praise reports.
  This encourages public and private agreement in prayer and faith. Requests often include physical, financial, family, social, community, national, politcal issues and of course, spiritual concerns. 
   But nothing is too hard for God!   When prayers are answered, we thank God, giving Him all the praise. 
  3. Our voice recorder is available 24 hours, for anybody to leave a prayer request. Private, personal concerns remain confidential as "unspoken" or are referred to "special" requests.
  4.  Intercessory prayer is often conducted, when a volunteer will "stand in" for someone and pray as though a need is their own. Many times this is done privately.  But there are also special joint efforts, when others are called, to intercede together.
"God's Phone number"

Jeremiah 33:3
Call unto me and I will answer, and show great and mighty things, which you know not.

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