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God Saved My Life
I thought I would share a story of how I feel God saved my life.

     It was about 8 years ago in Cleveland, Tennessee.

     I was enrolled in a local community college in Cleveland with my earliest class being at  8:00 a.m. This was a Standard First Aid class and it really didn't matter if you were a couple minutes late because the coach was real cool and he never made a big deal out of it..Well, naturally I waited until the very last minute before I left my house to get there. I lived about 25 minutes away 
if I took the Interstate and did about 85 mph average...

        That paticular morning I was on my way to school putting my makeup on in the car when I came to the intersection of the road where I either turned left to take the back roads to school or turned right to take the Interstate. Well, ... as usual I was running late. When I got to that intersection normally without hesitation I would have taken a right and went on the Interstate, but that morning for some reason I hesitated.

        It was the strangest feeling of hesitation...Like I actually sat at the stop sign and contemplated which way to go knowing which way was the fastest. Something inside me kept telling me to go left, go left.... Well, I obeyed and I went left but it was one of those lefts that went like a U-turn.  Like I started to pull right and then at the last minute whipped it around to go left.

        I thank God for his intervention in my life at that time. That morning on Interstate 75 there was the largest Interstate crash ever in Tennessee. Cars and cars were piled on top of each other. Many people lost their lives that day. I know I would have been one of them. It was determined that the fog played a big factor in it.

        Needless to say when I got to school my best friend, who also was in my class, came rushing up to me in tears and hugged me and told me that she was worried about me. I laughed and said are you kidding?  I was just 15 minutes late. She then told me of the news she had heard on the radio that morning. She knew that I always traveled that way.

        I guess in that incident I learned two things:
One - God had intervened in my life.
Two - I had a true best friend.

Thank You for your true story.
We're glad to post your story, because it gives God the glory. 
And because it also inspires us to know that He
does intervene on our behalf. 
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