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Painless reminders of a past illness, cut or burn
What was once a cause for concern
Is now a lesson learned
Each mark represents a time in my life.
A keepsake from the pains of my past
The healing is finished but the scar will last
The sting is long gone
But my skin is forever marked
Reminders of the journeys on which I once embarked
Most of my scars go unseen
Painful marks etched on my soul
That threaten to keep me from being made whole

Souvenirs of my weakness
Reminders that I am flawed
At my heart, these scars so often have gnawed

I can’t forget how I got them
Physical pain and internal war
Neither of these are possible to ignore

My scars remind me of what I need
Not a bandage or a kiss
But, in spite of my marks, a love that persists
With His death, Jesus removed my scars
Took away all of my pain
And fought all of my wars

 He took upon Himself, pain He didn’t deserve
He bears the brand
In the palm of His hand
Never really gone but hurting no more
My scars are my reminder of the price
Of Christ’s sacrifice

~ Stephanie L. Dennard Stephens *

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