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 "It was underweer." My two year old has managed to shock me again. 
"What? Where did you hear that?" I knew where he heard it, but none the less, I wasn't prepard to hear my two and a half year old say it to me. I decided to go along with it to see if he knew what he was saying. "Whose underwear?" I asked. He proudly answered "Santy Claus' underweer," with a smile on his face. Next I asked him, "Who told you about Santa Claus' underwear?"  Once again he proudly answered "Joshie and Cawub." He knew exactly what he was saying! His two uncles taught him a new rendition of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and he loves to sing it too! 
2 1/2 ( but thinks he's 21)
     My next shock came one afternoon when I told him to go put his toys in his room. Just as from the mouth of a teenager, I hear my child say "Whatever,"  in that long drawn out, "I'll do it but I don't really want to" kind of voice. My jaw dropped. What has happened to my child? He went from two to twelve overnight! Sometimes I don't know how to respond. I try to keep from laughing as I remind myself he's just repeating what he's heard, but what can a parent say to "It was underweer?"
    "Joshie and Cawub," are not the only ones he repeats.  As they often do, our two year old and his Daddy watch "futbawl" together. Today from the back of the house I can hear them yelling for the Razorbacks, our state's major college football team. Daddy yells for the player on television to "Run, run, run!" and our son chimes in "Run, run, run!" right behind him. They look just alike as they both bend slightly at the hips and put their arms together in a "V" so they can yell at the top of their lungs "Go Razorbacks!" Every word Daddy says, he says too. Daddy is laughing at our boy, and he is laughing because Daddy is laughing.
     Sometimes I'm surprised at the influence we have on others. I guess I shouldn't be, but watching our young son I understand more fully that what we say can influence anyone and everyone, not just two year olds.
     I'm reminded of a verse that I learned years ago from our church's youth leader, Rose. The verse has always stuck in my brain and convicted me countless times.  Psalms 19 verse 14 says "May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."  If we have so much influence over people, don't we want it to be good?  Most of all we should strive to make our words and thoughts pleasing to God. If we do this then most assuredly our influence on others will be good and we will be proud for others to be like us, as we try to be pleasing to God. Our child will most definitely learn this verse and I pray he will make it a verse he lives by. 

(Granna did tell him that it was gross to see Santa in his underwear.
But he still thinks it's funny and continues to say it whenever he can.)

Written by:  Stephanie Lou Stephens
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