To Proclaim Jesus is"The Christ"
The Savior and Lord of all!
Jesus the Good Shepherd - Graphic
He is THE "sent one," The Messiah 
He is sent from the Father
He is the WORD, which was and is God
He is the WORD, which became flesh
He is Jesus of Nazareth
He was born of the Virgin Mary
He willingly gave His life for us
He was crucified
He was dead
He was buried
He aose from the dead
He ascended to the Father
He is coming again
He is the only means of salvation
He is the Head of the Church;
The church is the body of believers in
Jesus, from any race, creed, or nation,
whom He calls to be distinct from the world,
separated unto Him and His cause.
Jesus forgives all who by faith accept Him
as God the Savior, and repent of their sin.
It is by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit,
TO: Know and obey GOD's will,
       as written in the Holy Scripture, inspired by God
TO: Learn, study and share God's word
       as the absolute truth
TO: Worship and serve God according to the
        purpose, power and anointing of the Spirit
        for the glory of God.
TO: Demonstrate God's grace and  righteousness
       by our manner of godly living 
TO: Obey God in service through the Church
TO: Live in expectation of Christ's imminent return
TO: Live FOR Christ, in preparation for eternity
TO: Apply God's principles in every part of life.
      God is our Father, and helps us in
      Faith,        Family,   Fellowship,
      Finances,   Fun,       Future,   Failures...

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